ALVO Serenada-C

operating table

Perfect for following disciplines:
  • Cardiovascular (CV)
  • Neurosurgery (NS)
  • Orthopedic and Traumatology (OT)

Remote controlled functions


Basic information

The new generation angiography operating table ALVO Serenada-C is designed to hold the patient during surgical and diagnostic procedures and medical imaging. Tabletop translucency is max. 0,35 mm Al eq per 10 mm of tabletop thickness. Long tabletop provides 1,7 m of X-ray area making it one of the longest tabletops in its class. The joystick-control allows to obtain lateral and longitudinal shifts with wide spectrum of imaging area, flow of movement and clinical reach.

Technical parameters

Tabletop length2500 mmTable weight~ 370 kg
Tabletop width600 mmMax. dynamic load capacity220 kg
Tabletop width (with side rails)650 mmPower supply24 V
Height adjustment (without pads) – floating tabletop740 – 1190 mmBattery charging time< 12 h
Lateral tilt adjustment25o / -25oWorking time between battery chargingapprox. 60 operations
Longitudinal shift (if featured)500 mmBattery chargerBuilt-in
Lateral shift (if featured)400 mmCharging current230 V ~50/60 Hz
reverse -Trendelenburg
30 o
30 o
International Protection MarkingIP-X4

Operating table ALVO® Serenada-C
Intended use: Device intended for external assistance to the patient – supporting the patient in general and specialized surgical and medical procedures in order to conduct treatment, mitigate or compensate for the injury.

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