Examination lights ALVO Vela


Examination lights ALVO 6-02  use LED diodes as light source. They are designed to light operating field during  diagnostic, medical and cosmetic examinations.  The most important features are very good, persistent technical parameters, very low temperature radiation or very long working time. 

Examination lamp ALVO 6-02 assures regular light distribution and high light intensity. Suspension, small weight of covers and holder on the examination lamp, enables easy adjustment of lamp during examination or tests.

Advantages of the ALVO Vela examination lights:
  • High durability and resistance to damage due to the materials used – canopy made of aluminium.
  • The easily removable sterile handle made of high-quality plastic can be sterilised repeatedly, thus maintaining a high level of safety and hygiene during procedures.
  • Variants available with different values for the Ec maximum light intensity parameter: 50, 60 or 100 klx.
  • Examination light ALVO Vela 6-02 is offered in the following suspension configurations: ceiling suspension – single and double, wall suspension, mobile basis.