Positioner for knee joint arthroplasty

An incredibly innovative knee joint positioner which offers a completely safe and dynamic range of patient’s positions in the case of knee joint arthroplasty procedures.

This is a huge leap forward for both the surgeon and the patient, in terms of complete knee joint replacement. The system has guides and an ankle grip which make it possible to bend, rotate, tilt and straighten the operated leg.


  • The locking handle fixes the base plate securely to the table with two knobs
  • Quick locking in any position
  • Smooth reciprocal movement for easy leg positioning
  • Passive leg – eliminates the need to apply positioners, sandbags, and gel pads
  • Easy to use and completely rigid when locked
  • All components are autoclavable

The positioner for knee joint arthroplasty:
#800-0141 with an approx. 610 mm brace, dimensions of approx. 280 x 203 x 610 mm, weight approx. 2.3 kg
#800-0171 with an approx. 762 mm brace, dimensions of approx. 280 x 203 x 762 mm, weight approx. 2.7 kg