ALVO® Rapsodia: not just an operating table – a patients’ safety

10 January 2023

Operating table’s development is a critical activity due to the attention of details required at each stage to make it safe, efficient and reliable, with the near zero defect goal. ALVO Medical R&D engineers use open innovation model when building new medical devices, improving or extending their product line. This means partnering with clinicians in both ideation and testing stages to improve caregiver workflow and promote safety for both patients and caregivers.

ALVO® Rapsodia is a universal mobile operating table with advanced features and a variety of functions, that are relevant in both routine and advanced procedures including robotic-assisted surgeries.

Watch the video animation and learn more about ALVO® Rapsodia operating table:

  • Ergonomic design and modular tabletop with quick and easy fixing system; user friendly
  • Exceptional height adjustment range of 610 – 1240 mm (without pads), combined with a longitudinal shift of 420 mm, makes it the perfect fit for any desired working level and ensures optimal working ergonomics
  • ALVO® Rapsodia is suitable for all kinds of surgeries, including minimally invasive surgery (low position of the table) and bariatric surgery (heavy load capacity)
  • Large X-ray translucent area makes ALVO® Rapsodia a great choice also for hybrid operating rooms
  • Mattress fastening system is hygienic and easy to install
  • Antistatic, seamless, anti-decubitus mattress with memory foam provide safe and comfortable patient positioning
  • Real-time pressure mapping pads are available to eliminate pressure ulcers and decubitus during surgery
  • The full portfolio of accessories designed for each surgical discipline available and compatible with ALVO Rapsodia

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