Modular operating rooms

Modular OR solution – a scalable, economic solution for surgery rooms.

Modular technology allows you to quickly implement scalable solutions in medical facilities, which is difficult with standard construction and finishing technology.

In addition to faster project completion, prefabricated off-site modules may effectively improve workflow and safety during assembly, reducing the number of skilled workers required on site.

 One supplier, controlled environment

By building as much as possible out of ready-made, pre-fabricated and tested components in a controlled and quality-driven environment, the risk of errors and delays is exponentially lower.
Architectural offices planning modular technology in hospitals confirm the organizational and economic benefits of these solutions. Their data shows significant savings in time and money when using integrated modular technology for operating theaters. Benefits include:

  • approx. 40% shorter installation time – the operating theater can be commissioned faster and generates profits faster.
  • approx. 50% faster service, eg. replacement or updates of built-in elements, changing displays etc. without disturbing the surgery plans. Works can be performed overnight.
  • approx. 30% shorter OR changeover time – cleaning and disinfection processes optimized.
  • approx. 30% cheaper replacement or updates of construction elements.

Regardless of whether we are dealing with the modernization or the launch of a new operating room in 30-40% less time, we can generate surgical revenues much earlier, and spend the saved initial costs on the purchase of the most modern equipment.


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