Central sterilization rooms

ALVO Medical provides equipment for central sterilization rooms.

We advise our clients on how to best organize the Central Sterilization Room, and determine the technical conditions for connecting the utilities, as well as what equipment is required. In designing rooms, we use the latest design trends, such as Lean Healthcare. Performing a LEAN analysis prior to the design is essential for identifying existing or potential problems. We take into account the following aspects:

  • The vicinity of sterile processing areas and the surgical instruments zone
  • Transport systems for moving dirty and sterilized instruments
  • Storage of sterile supplies in the area of the Central Sterilization Room
  • Using the trolley system to transport containers and packages
  • Fast-track, quick-turn system of key surgical instruments

Regardless of the size of the Central Sterilization Room, it is important to clearly separate dirty, clean and sterile instruments using physical barriers. A thoughtful workflow will help to avoid the crossing of the dirty area with the sterile area and streamline the work of the staff.