We offer specialized sliding or tilting doors for the operating theatre and hospital wards. Automatic or manual doors, single or double-leaf doors, hermetic doors.

Designed without visible technological connections, with an ergonomic recessed handle or a rounded handle. Each structure can be equipped with self-closing sealing strips, two-layer rectangular observation windows, surface-flush door, without visible fastening elements. The special insulation of the sliding rail makes the door leaf extremely smooth and silent. The frame is aesthetically integrated with the wall construction, without visible fasteners. Our doors are dirt-resistant and easy to keep clean. One of the options is powder coating; coating with silver ions in the patented Sanitized technology.

The results of the conducted research indicate that frequent opening of the door may disrupt the operation of ventilation systems, change the pressure gradient and increase the risk of infection of the operated site in a patient undergoing surgery. The sliding door may be partially opened to allow the necessary movement of the personnel, with minimal detriment to the microbial balance in the operating theatre. Modern hospitals are also increasingly relying on through-ventilated cabinets.

Did you know?

There are over 150 different models of hospital doors in the Alvo library, such as airtight, fire, soundproof, sliding glass, antibacterial, electric glass doors. For more information regarding the available door types, please contact our design office: