Operating room integration – how large hospitals do it?

16 January 2023

Learn how ALVO Medical successfully integrated 24 multidisciplinary surgery rooms at Södersjukhuset hospital, Stockholm, Sweden, to enhance surgical workflow, improve data security, and meet the highest standards of ergonomics and hygiene.

Integrating 24 multidisciplinary surgery rooms at Södersjukhuset hospital (Sös), Stockholm, Sweden, posed unique challenges. ALVO Medical, a leading provider of modular operating theatres, delivered a turn-key installation in 2019. Discover how ALVO Medical operating room integration system not only met the hospital’s clinical goals but also ensured enhanced surgical workflow and secure data exchange.

ALVO Medical Integrated Modular ORs

ALVO Medical delivered 24 integrated modular operating rooms that adhere to the highest ergonomic, hygienic, and functional standards. The ALVO® Integra solution, managed through touch screens in each room, facilitates data visualization and control of vital medical and non-medical devices, video routing options, image archiving, and data transmission between HIS and PACS hospital systems.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

ALVO Medical extended the integration scope to include features such as visual display of electric power supply systems, medical gases, alarms from ventilation systems, HEPA filter contamination control, and digital surgeries plans. These features ensure quick response to emergencies, enhance staff and patient safety, and optimize surgical procedures.

Lights Scenarios – Optimizing Surgical Environment

Dedicated RGBW lights technology enables adjustable lighting scenarios based on the phase of surgery. The ALVO® Integra touch screen allows for the selection of different light scenes, such as green, red, blue, and white, depending on the procedure type or stage. These lighting scenarios improve contrast on surgical monitors, reduce operator’s eye fatigue, save energy, and automatically decrease light intensity during periods of inactivity (energy saving mode).

Seamless Image Management with ALVO® Integra
Video-over-IP standard

ALVO® Integra with @Barco Nexxis technology provided seamless, uncompressed image transmission without delay in the operating rooms. This way,end-users benefit from high-quality audio-video data exchange between surgery rooms and conference rooms, ensuring efficient communication and maintaining video signal quality over fiber optic networks.

Future-Proof Solution for Long-Term Investment

The ALVO® Integra system is a 4K-ready and 3D-ready solution with an open software architecture. This future-proof approach enables easy expansion with new video sources and monitors without disrupting the existing cabling infrastructure. Additionally, each operating room is equipped with surgical monitors, an overview monitor, and scrub nurse stations with direct access to PACS and HIS systems, ensuring streamlined access to patient data.

Telemedicine and Live Surgeries Made Easy

ALVO Medical integration solution facilitates telemedicine and live surgeries by enabling multimedia exchange and remote collaboration. The ability to transmit high-quality images and real-time voice communication enhances education, training, and consultations while maintaining hygienic protocols.

Audio-Video Transmission and Integration with HIS and PACS

The ALVO® Integra solution ensures seamless audio-video transmission within the hospital for training, conferences, and expert reviews. It also enables multimedia streaming outside the facility through videoconference modules integrated with hospital systems. Integration with HIS and PACS systems allows for efficient archiving of surgical data and faster processing of surgical patients throughout the hospital system.

Streamlined Workflow and Data Management Description

ALVO Medical’s integrated operating room solution streamlines workflow and enhances data management. The ALVO® Integra software provides centralized control and monitoring of all devices and systems in the operating rooms, including surgical lights, video sources, medical gases, and documentation. This comprehensive control system optimizes efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures seamless coordination during surgeries.

Customizable Configurations for Specialized Procedures

ALVO Medical modular operating rooms offer customizable configurations to cater to specialized procedures. The flexible design allows for easy adaptation of the room layout, equipment placement, and integration of specialized devices or imaging systems. Surgeons can personalize the operating environment based on their specific requirements, leading to improved surgical outcomes and patient care.

Compliance with Standards and Regulations Description

ALVO Medical’s integrated operating rooms comply with the highest industry standards and regulations. The modular construction and materials used adhere to strict hygiene and infection control guidelines. The system also ensures data security and privacy in accordance with healthcare regulations, safeguarding patient information and maintaining confidentiality.

Support and Maintenance Services Description

ALVO Medical provides comprehensive support and maintenance services for their integrated operating room solutions. This includes regular inspections, preventive maintenance, software updates, and technical support. The proactive approach ensures the smooth operation of the system, minimizes downtime, and maximizes the lifespan of the equipment.

Positive Impact on Surgical Outcomes and Patient Care

The successful integration of ALVO Medical’s operating room solution at Södersjukhuset hospital has had a positive impact on surgical outcomes and patient care. The enhanced workflow, advanced technologies, and efficient data exchange have contributed to improved accuracy, reduced complications, and enhanced patient satisfaction. The integrated operating rooms have become a cornerstone of delivering high-quality surgical services.

With ALVO Medical future-proof solution, large hospitals can achieve optimal integration and meet the evolving needs of modern healthcare.

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