Real-time pressure monitoring

ALVO Medical is the first company in the world that offers an option of mattresses equipped with special sensors mapping the pressure of the patient on the surface of the table top. These sensors generate and record the patient’s anatomical body image with pressure points in real time. Thanks to this, the surgical team can observe the generated pressure distribution on any designated monitor in the operating room and properly react and reposition the patient. Position correction aimed at relieving a given part of the body, e.g., by adding a few Trendelenburg degrees, can be optionally performed remotely, using the ALVO Integra operating room management system.
The monitoring of the patient’s position on the operating table at various stages of the operation makes sense and has a real impact on the patient’s condition after the operation and on the process of his/her convalescence. The material recorded during the surgery may constitute important legal evidence in the case of undesirable postoperative complications.


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