Operating lights ALVO Vela


Operating lamps of the ALVO series use LED diodes as a light source. Designed to illuminate the field of procedures during procedures and surgeries. They have very good, fixed technical parameters, low heat radiation or long working time.

Operating lamps ALVO Vela ensure high luminous intensity and color rendering index. Evenly distributed field of illumination can be adjusted using a sterile holder, control panel, wall panel.

Lamps can be optionally equipped with an HD camera, designed to monitor and record the progress of the operation.

LCD control panel and LCD wall panel allow a wide adjustment of the luminous intensity, color temperature and operation in endoscopic lighting mode.

The low weight of the lamp shade and the holders used in it make it easy to set the lamp and its stable positioning. Solid, resistant to environmental factors design ensures ease of disinfection and keeping clean.

Operating lamps of the ALVO Vela series are offered in three mounting options: ceiling, wall and mobile.

Functions of the operating light ALVO Vela can alternatively be controlled using the OR management solution ALVO Integra

Clinical advantages:

  • Ergonimic shape
  • ENDO mode
  • Sterile control handle
  • Waterproof, resistant to environmental factors design

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Operating light ALVO Vela 6-01
Intended use: The device is designed to support operators during surgical procedures by illuminating the surgical field to facilitate diagnosis and treatment of patient diseases or injuries.

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