Attachment for hip arthroplasty using the Direct Anterior Approach (DAA)

Przystawka do endoprotezoplastyki biodra z dostępu przedniego DAA Rotex

The RotexTable® is the first electrically operated positioning aid for hip operations, such as hip arthroscopy or hip arthroplasty. Despite the fact that the procedure is minimally invasive (as it is performed using the Direct Anterior Approach (DDA)),  it is no less complicated. You can ensure precision during this type of procedure, thanks to Condor RotexTable®.


  • It ensures the best options for hip arthroscopy, hip endoprosthesis or trauma procedures.
  • Electric height adjustment by hand or foot switch for the optimum setting
  • Integrated safety switches prevent lowering under load
  • It allows wide-angle manipulation of the leg or hip during hip arthroscopy