Lower limbs traction premium line


Greater flexibility in surgical planning, short operating room reorganization times, and transparency to X-rays—all that is possible with the ES Orthopaedic Attachment.

The ES Orthopaedic Attachment is a sensible, economical and flexible addition to operating tables for orthopaedic and trauma surgery. The plates and the counterpressure roller are made of carbon fibre, which makes them highly transparent to X-rays. The ES orthopaedic attachment improves everyday work in clinics and hospitals and conserves the most valuable resources: personnel and time. The ES Orthopaedic Attachment comes with the multi-purpose RotexShoe and two sizes of counterpressure roller mattress. Setting up the system is quick, easy, and safe.

Superior quality, easy handling and modular flexibility are the most important features of the ES Orthopaedic Attachment for use in endoprosthetics, hip arthroscopy, and the treatment of femoral fractures.

The RotexTable is the ideal complement to the ES Orthopaedic Attachment.

Benefits associated with ES Orthopaedic Attachment:

– A subpelvic segment and a footrest fitted with carbon fibre plates to ensure perfect transparency to X-rays

– Adduction and abduction in 9° increments

– Counterpressure roller made of carbon-fibre

– Optimised and saves storage space

– Suitable for patients up to 225 kg

– Easy to operate, only one person required

– Integrated tensioning device: improved patient positioning and absolute freedom of movement for X-ray examinations

– Presence of a footrest is possible during surgery

– Reduced operating theatre reorganisation time

– Reduction of investment costs

– Modularity: treatment of lower limb fractures