ALVO Premium Surgical scrub sink


The all-in-one smart solution vitally supports monitoring hand hygiene standards. The new ALVO Premium scrub sink unit with superior design lines, enhanced functionality and easy to clean hygienic surfaces is the right solution for any operating room.
The clever 3 in 1 design eliminates the need for frequent cleaning as any hand hygiene products dripping from the user’s hands are neatly contained in the sink resulting in no messy puddles for safer, cleaner and more hygienic facilities.

Combining user-friendly design with touch free operation and accessories and waste management supports the best hand scrubbing techniques. It increases the comfort of all surgical team members, enhances hygiene and costs saving.

Safer. Cleaner. More Hygienic.

The clever 3 in 1 design eliminates the need for frequent cleaning as any hand hygiene products dripping from the user’s hands are neatly contained in the sink resulting in no messy puddles for safer, cleaner and more hygienic facilities.

Intuitive User Interface

A completely touch free experience. It’s as simple as moving your hand over the indicated section of the glass display to activate the product you want. The coloured LED light signals will show which product has been activated. To receive the product you have activated, simply place your hand under the faucet.

Achieve Optimal Hand Hygiene

For optimal hand hygiene, the World Health Organisation has recommended the use of sensor activated faucets and dispensers as the ideal standard within health-care settings.

Safety Feature Against Bacteria

The CLASSIC system has an inbuilt safety feature against bacteria. It will automatically run a cleaning cycle, flushing water and both liquid dispensers to prevent harmful waterborne bacteria growth usually found in stagnant water. These cleaning cycles can be programmed to the desired frequency with the handy miscea remote control.

Save Water by up to 60%

Miscea Sensor faucet systems can lower water usage by up to 60%*. It works by ensuring water flows only when you really need it and automatically shuts off when you don’t. Special aerators integrated into miscea faucets also help to reduce water consumption by enriching the water with air, resulting in a luxurious stream of bubbly water that is soft to the touch, non-splashing while using even less water.

*Compared to manually operated faucets without water saving aerator: 3.5 gpm

ALVO CleanDrains

The ALVO®CleanDrains is a CE-certified disinfection system for sink drains in clinical sanitary areas. Bacteria in the drain can escape with the aerosol excited by the running water, rising to a height of up to 1.5 meters. This poses a threat not only to medical personnel, but also to patients, who are therefore at risk of developing the hospitalacquired infections (HAI). ALVO®CleanDrains automatically cleans and disinfects liquids in siphons under the scrub sink, regularly during use. Thanks to this, the risk of pathogens appeared in the scrub sink when draining the water or emptying the sink is completely eliminated. The backlighted icons on the mirror inform about the current operating status of the device: Constant operation – Disinfection – Cleaning.

Surgical Site Infection prevention with ALVO® Premium scrub sink

Vital innovations in the ALVO® Premium scrub sink solution may help clinicians raise the bar on hand hygiene compliance. This short video features Maria Budnik-Szymoniuk, expert on high-risk procedures in perioperative nursing, as she provides an overview of the surgical hand preparation procedure.


  • wall mounted compact scrub sink unit with accessories
  • paper towels, brushes, disinfectant and soap dispensers come flush behind the mirror or art panel, which makes additional storage space
  • ergonomic apron contour protects from splashing the water and enables comfortable position
  • counter-top and sink made of mineral composite material with antibacterial properties containing silver nanoparticles
  • rounded corners make it easy to clean
  • wide edges of scrub sink enable to prepare a sterile towel and brush
  • removable box made of mineral composite material is placed inside for used brushes
  • completely touch free 3-in-one faucets with intuitive infrared sensor technology to activate water, soap and disinfecting solution
  • comfortable waste management with knee activated baskets below each bay
  • ALVO CleanDrains siphon for drains disinfection included

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